Artifical Intelligence

IT Accuracy


Files Court Pleadings

Automated litigation support that files and calendar pleadings and motions with a push of a button. No more court rejections or missed court deadlines! Sit back while our automated system prepares and calendar your future pleadings and discovery with data stored from the documents that were filed with the court. You will also receive alerts informing you on their deadlines. Join Litfile now!


Files Court Pleadings And Motions Using Artificial Intelligence.

This is a legal based software and web application that expedites the litigation filing and calendaring process using artificial intelligence and our automated system to prepare, file, save, and calendar court pleadings, motions, and the discovery process by reading and processing the pleading paper. This legal software also provides 100% accuracy when filing documents with the court using artificial intelligence and our automated system. LitFile also has court docket access, which will guarantee no court rejections and no missed court deadlines or appearances.